Kate Actress Denies Claims Son Opted to Stay with Stepdad Phil the Director Rather than Her

Image: Kate Actress clinches two Awards at the coveted Couture Africa Awards 2020

Kate Actress has refuted claims that her son opted to stay with his stepfather Philip Karanja alias Phil the Director after their separation.

Kate and Phil announced their separation on Tuesday, saying they had amicably agreed to end their union. They said they were still friends, business partners, and co-parents.

However, a blogger on Wednesday claimed that Kate’s son had opted to stay with Phil after his mother went separate ways with Phil while she would stay with the daughter.

Kate responded to the claims on social media, saying, “This is rubbish!”

She also said that her separation from Phil was never a secret and thanked fans for their support.

Some social media users suggested that the whole separation could have been staged for clout after Phil’s business associate and best friend, Abel Mutua, put up a cheeky post on Instagram.

Mutua insinuated that he too had broken ranks with Phil, a BMW owner, due to their “vehicular differences.”

Both Kate and Phil laughed off the statement with laugh emojis.

It is clear that Kate and Phil are committed to co-parenting their children despite their separation. They have also requested privacy for themselves and their children during this difficult time.

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