Kate Actress reacts to Phil Karanja’s choice to sell her BMW X3 push present

Image: Catherine Kamau shedding weight

Film director Philip Karanja and his wife, Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, recently clarified the reasons behind selling his black BMW X3, a vehicle he had initially gifted her as a push gift.

In a recent interview with Nairobi News, Karanja revealed that he made the decision to sell the luxury vehicle, valued at approximately Sh3.5 million, due to its exorbitant maintenance costs. He expressed regret over his initial choice to purchase the car, acknowledging that it had been an expensive journey to maintain.

“I love cars a lot, and so I was young and foolish, and I spent so much on my car, and it has been a very expensive journey to maintain. I am like, that is a car I would have used wisely somewhere. I sold it. I have decided to go back on Uber,” explained Karanja.

Karanja had shared an image with the BMW X3 just a day before announcing his separation from Kate Actress in September 2023. The image featured him beside the sleek vehicle that he had gifted Kate for her birthday in January 2020, a month after the birth of their child.

The couple clarified that the decision to sell the car was made mutually. In a social media statement, Karanja wrote, “I wish to officially document that the vehicle was sold with mutual consent, and there are no disputes with Kate, contrary to any portrayals suggesting otherwise.”

Kate Actress reposted the statement, adding, “Kindly redirect that energy to watching the new season of Becoming CEO. We ain’t about that life. Poleni and thank you.”

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