Kate Actress reveals she hated her first interaction with Phil Karanja’s family

Image: Kate Actress clinches two Awards at the coveted Couture Africa Awards 2020

In a previous interview with Fashionable StepMum on YouTube two years ago, Kate Actress opened up about her complicated relationship with her mom-in-law and her now ex-husband Phil Karanja.

Kate praised her mom-in-law for her relationship with her son, but admitted that they had their own issues. “You can feel the energy. It wasn’t pleasant. You can feel the sneaky comments. But I wasn’t a charity case. I was sure of myself. I knew what I was bringing to the table. Your son isn’t coming to rescue us. I was doing well with my son even before.”

She also revealed that she had warned Phil that she would leave the marriage if she saw anyone mistreating her son. “I had made it clear to Phil and for him to communicate to his family that if I see any mistreatment towards my son, that is a deal breaker na mimi sinaga kesho.”

Kate also praised Phil as a rare gem of a man who entered into their union with serious commitment. “It is not easy. Phil is one in a million. Marriage is not for everyone. Marriage nayo ni calling. It might not be for you. Don’t force it. If it happens to you thank you Lord. If it does not please move on…. Life is for the living, please date again.”

Despite the challenges in their marriage, Kate and Phil have remained committed to co-parenting their son and maintaining a civil relationship.

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