Kathy Kiuna needs to teach single mothers how to get and keep a husband

Kathy Kiuna is one of the few examples I have of a celebrity/ public figure who managed to move from being a single mother to a happy wife and mother. And the celebrity pastor or bishop indeed, started off her life as a single mother.

“I saw a man with a vision!” Reverend Kathy Kiuna reveals why she settled for her darling husband

Then somewhere along the line, she met Allan Kiuna before he was the celebrity pastor that he is today. And for some reason unknown to many women of my generation that we will be looking into, he decided to pursue her and they eventually got married and started a family together including her earlier child. To be honest, this statement alone shows just how disjointed African generations are as such things used to be discussed by and taught to women by their aunts.

Kathy Kiuna
Kathy Kiuna with her last born child

Anyway, what are some of the key qualities that are evident in Kathy Kiuna that Kenya’s single mothers, especially celebrity single mothers would do well to actually heed and learn from? Let’s take that dive:

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#1. Be feminine

She is clearly a very feminine woman for her man. She is never in competition or opposition to him publicly even though I am sure, like every couple, they have their tiffs. We are never treated to any scandals or any public disagreements.
As a result of this, her man, Allan Kiuna is only ever heard praising her. He is always on his social media account celebrating his wife and the family they have together. This is what real balance looks like. We never hear her talk about how men “aint shit” or even about the first man who impregnated her. And as a result, her man can be a guiding masculine influence on their family.

Kathy Kiuna
Kathy Kiuna with her big brother

#2. Be cooperative

Kathy Kiuna is a cooperative woman in as far as her husband is concerned. They both run their church together and she plays her role to lift him higher. While most girls my age will not understand why this is an important factor, it shows trust in his leadership. This puts the burden of performance squarely on him and he rose to the challenge.
Kathy Kiuna knows to be her husband’s peace. He fights the world and comes home to peace.

Back when Kathy Kiuna was a young lady with only one child!

#3. Be loyal

For those of you who do not know, Kathy Kiuna hails from a well-to-do family who were unhappy when she introduced her new man, Allan Kiuna. She was effectively given an ultimatum and told she would have to go live life on her own if she went against her family’s wishes. She took those odds and life was hard for the first few years. The couple struggled.

Kathy Kiuna
Kathy Kiuna clearly chose the right man for a husband

Despite all this, she didn’t leave her man and return home where life would doubtless be easier. Instead, she dug in and was his strength on the long nights that followed. She basically chose, with each dawn, to stay with her man and make their family a success.

These three qualities are merely the beginning. Because at the end of the day, Kathy Kiuna being a single mother, did not allow herself to set crazy standards for the man with whom she would end up with. She simply chose to focus on the quality of the man who she would ultimately decide to date when the time was right. Afterall, Allan Kiuna was a straight hustler when they first met.

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