Kaz Karen Lucas Sparks Dating Rumours With Makena Njeri In Emotional Post- ‘I’m Not One To Hold Out On Love’

LGBTQ members Makena Njeri and Kaz Karen Lucas have raised netizen’s eyebrows in their latest post. Singer Karen made a suggestive caption on her Instagram to confess her undying love for Makena after posting an adorable photo of her.

”I am grateful that I get to experience different kinds and varieties of love in my life.. because, I’m not one to hold out on love. Ask those that know me!!! So @makenanjeri Chris, pumpkin, Malenege ????. Nakumind sana! Thank you for being patient with me.. I know we will grow into the highest divinity!! And I’m here for the ride!
I love you ❤️”, Lucas wrote.

She continued to thank her for being part of her life & being understanding;

”Fada ghad! I dey tenk you!!
This littu pumpkin of mine came into my life at a time when I literally was looking in the opposite direction but didn’t know that I needed them. They have been light, warmth, understanding, peace and love.”

The response from Makena further suggested that the two are probably seeing each other;

”My carrot ???? ????. The garden is looking up ????. Thank you for all the beautiful affirmations and love that you have brought into my life! Kazy Kaz you have a soul. I love you”

Their strong words of affirmation & love have since left netizens wondering if Makena has already moved on after breaking up with Michelle Ntalami several weeks ago. On the flipside, Karen, who is in a polyamorous relationship, celebrated her 6 monthiversary with her partner Majic Dyke in June this year. There’s no doubt that these two are seeing each other.

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