Kaz Lucas opens up about living life like an outcast in her own society

Girl child Kaz Lucas is different in her own ways but truth is; her unique self has not only contributed to her success but has helped a sister live life to the fullest.

So far she is popularly known for dating life which is quite different as she has 2 girlfriends who she is dating; and proudly ready to start her forever with.

However this being Africa – there are many who continue to pointy fingers at Kaz for being ‘immoral’; and I am assuming this is why she recently opened about being an outcast. In a detailed post shared on her IG, Miss Kaz opens up to say;

Miss Kaz Lucas

My entire life, people thought my methods were over bearing. I have always been the girl that was too much.  Everything I did was always too much for people to understand and too much for them to sit comfortably in. Because of this I have been an outcast.

About sex

Being a lady who prefers dating fellow women, Kaz says many assume that she knows nothing about sex; that is between a man and a woman – how in her post, Kaz takes time to school the ignorant lot saying;

Miss Kaz’ partners

‘Sex?’ I have often been asked, ‘What do you know about sex?’ Here’s what I say; I know enough to know that the way the patriarchal systems are set up in Kenya need to change. I know enough to know, the methods used to raise boys in my country need to be decolonized and deconstructed. I know enough to know, the blame of violence perpetrated by men shouldn’t lie in the hands of the victims that are often women.

Change in society

Having seen how girls continue to suffer in the hands of ignorant men in the society; Kaz says she looks forward to the day Kenya’s education system will help change such weak mentalities.
On the same post, the lass went on to add;

Kaz Lucas

I know enough to know that the education system in Kenya that perpetuates rape culture must end. I know enough to know that my constitution claims that all human rights are equal yet many of my queer folk are loosing their homes, families, jobs and lives in this “equal community” country.  I know that sex is pleasurable and everyone needs to learn THAT! I know that change is coming if it comes with my last breath.  This is a vow to self and country.

And in conclusion, Miss Kaz who says people use her as a creature of validation wow went wrote;

Yes, I have always been a creature of validation and this is my highest validation yet. Now I must put on my big girl panties and work on the imposter syndrome that is STRONG within me. This is ME! I am a 2021 TED fellow! ME! Karen Kaz Lucas. Mama, I really made it! #tedfellow  @tedfellows @ted–

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