Kazi ni kazi! Jalang’o reminisces about days he would dress in a chicken costume to attract people to a restaurant

Comedian Jalang’o came to Nairobi as a house help and went on to do several menial jobs before his breakthrough on radio finally came.

“I came to Nairobi as a househelp. One of my uncles invited me to Nairobi, after arriving he showed me how use cookers and other household chores. After two weeks, he chased everyone from the house and I was the one left to do all the chores in the house,” Jalang’o revealed in a past interview with Chipukeezy.

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Jalas also ventured into acting, he used to trek daily from Mwiki in Kiambu County to the Kenya National Theatre in Nairobi CBD in hope he would land a major role.

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Restaurant job

Jalang’o recently reminisced about his days working at a restaurant. The comedian revealed he used to dressed in the chicken costume and stand outside the restaurant with a bell to attract customers.

A very short story! Now so many years ago when I had just landed in Nairobi looking for a job or just any work to do , I used to passby the McFry, Kenchic, and all the fast foods and my wish was to one day just eat the grilled chicken that was summersaulting on the window! The wish to have this chicken sent me to ask for work in one of the fast foods and the job I got was to call people in as they passed by! But the catch was simple I had to dress up like a chicken and stand by the door and ring a bell to attract people in! So there I was dressed in the chicken costume armed with a bell calling people in from 11 in the morning to 5pm shouting Chicken Fresh…Karibu…Kuku safi….heheheh at 5pm I was done and was taken at the back office paid 500 bob for the job plus half chicken and chips! To cut the long story short @alex_mwakideu and I today treated 10 of our fans with chips…chicken..and soda in the same hotel I was a bell ringer!

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