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Kelvin Kinuthia Reveals Why He Won’t Be Having A Baby Soon (Screenshot)

November 10, 2022 at 09:18
Kelvin Kinuthia Reveals Why He Won't Be Having A Baby Soon (Screenshot)

Tik-Tok sensation Kelvin Kinuthia has opened up on his plans of whether he’s ready to have children soon or not. The 21 year old cross-dresser conglomerates complete fashionable wigs and high heels. Not forgetting the long manicured nails he often spots. He is among the few men in Kenya who choose to cross-dress and at times act like a woman, all in the name of content creation.

Born in Karen, Kinuthia’s mum is his greatest supporter. And as a matter of fact, she does shopping for him and helps him choose women’s wear.

Despite the fact that the prominent dancer declined his attempts, it appears that Kinuthia is striving to find love. But he’s tied to falling in love with celebrities; perhaps he does not want to date average people.

He recently turned to Instagram after David’s rejection to reveal that he is “wary” of being alone, claiming that he is unmarried and actively seeking a partner.

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Baby Plans

Sharing via his Instagram, Kinuthia responded to one of his fans, and claimed he’s not ready to sire kids anytime soon; claiming his priority is getting a car before a kid.


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