Kennedy Rapudo baby mama denies him access to his son

Businessman Kennedy Rapudo’s lavish plans to celebrate his 8-year-old son’s birthday flopped when the baby mama failed to drop him off at the event.

Rapudo took to Instagram to express his disappointment, sharing photos and videos of his beautifully decorated home balcony, where he had set up a feast for his son.

The emotional post sparked a debate among Kenyans online, with some calling on the baby mama to let Rapudo co-parent their child, while others empathized with her, saying that taking their son to Rapudo’s fiancée Amber Ray’s house was a bridge too far.

Rapudo, who has two other children from different baby mamas, has been in a long court battle for child custody of his son with the unknown baby mama.

Despite the setback, Rapudo’s fiancée Aamber Ray assured him that he was a good father. She commented on his Instagram post, saying “@kennedyrapudo You are a good father …… never forget that!😘❤️❤️”

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Rapudo’s relationship with his son, but the Kenyans who weighed in on the situation were clear: co-parenting is the best way for both parents to be involved in their child’s life.

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