Kennedy Rapudo Opens Up About Court Battle with Baby Mama

Businessman Kennedy Rapudo is opening up about his court battle with his second baby mama regarding co-parenting their 8-year-old son.

The process began in December last year, and Rapudo has been trying to obey the court judgment about joint custody.

The first interim order gave Rapudo access to his son twice a month. He claims that his baby mama has denied him access on several occasions, including on his son’s birthday.

Rapudo also pays school fees, related expenses, and Sh30,000 per month in child support. He claims that his baby mama rejected a Sh30,000 voucher he gave her and demanded cash instead. He also bought a car and hired a driver for his son’s transport needs.

Rapudo’s lawyer is seeking a fresh interpretation from the court about the joint custody agreement, as he believes it is unfair to pay Sh30,000 per month in child support while he has his son in his custody.

“My son loves me to the moon and back,” Rapudo said. “He is my only biological son, and all I want to do is be with him.”

Rapudo’s baby mama has not publicly commented on the court battle.

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