Kennedy Rapudo willing to share Amber Ray with Jimal Roho Safi

Kennedy Rapudo, the king of cucks, seem to have signalled his willingness to share the mother of his yet unborn child, Amber Ray, with her ex Jimal Roho Safi in a new shocking twist of events.

Jimal Buys Amber Ray A Brand New Range Rover After Her Break Up With Kennedy Rapudo (Video)

This guy whose baby is still in a tummy has been watching with bated breath how his ex has been gallivanting around with her ex and for some reason, he has convinced himself that he can live with the situation as long as he gets back in her good graces.

The king of cucks, Mr Kennedy Rapudo took to social media to post a video of amber that God their internet in-laws talking and excited about the possibility of a reunion.

Kennedy Rapudo is a weak, shameless simp

The video in question was a Willy Paul song that featured his ex as its main video vixen and we believe he did so because he is still love sick and is holding out on the hope that he can get her back.

Some men will do anything for love even if it means being humiliated or having to share their lady’s affection, attention and body with another man.

Kennedy Rapudo hints at Amber Ray’s child not being his

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