Kenyan celebrities talking about American race issues is hypocrisy

Image: Janet Mbugua

Kenyan celebrities are weighing in on the recently cowardly and callous killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police officer. And while there is nothing wrong about Kenyan celebrities with no connection to the political temperature in America adding to their voice to the millions of others calling out the institutionalized racism in America, one has to also look to see whether these same guys speak up when things are thick in Kenya.

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And we did some checking and realized that the same guys currently touting their global villager citizenship are usually mute when Kenya is up in flames. These same Kenyan celebrities are clowns.

You see, as trump pointed out, Kenya is a shithole nation. We have so many issues at the moment that we need to address. But be that as it may, Kenyan artists would prefer to virtue signal and talk about distant issues over in the land of the brave, the home of the free where they will suffer no repercussions.

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When post-election violence erupted, how many people came out to denounce it early on rather than waiting for ethnic and tribal diatribe to be drawn up for them? How many Kenyans recently spoke up about the disputed and divisive general elections that had to be re-conducted? How many Kenyan celebrities have been talking about the still existing internally displaced people? Or the rampant and widespread corruption that has seen our shithole country sink to demoralizing levels of depth that threatens the wellbeing of future generations?

I will wait for you to point them out.

I would love to see the Jua Calis and the Janet Mbuguas raise their voices when Kenyan police batter protesters. i would love to see Kenyan celebrities talk about unlawful and cruel evictions.

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