Kenyan celebrity marriages are a reflection of the state of Kenyan marriages

Image: Ex-lovers, Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna

When we take Kenyan celebrity marriages into account, more often than not, we are discussing failures rather than success and that is because we discuss the likes of Nice Wanjeri and Wagithomo or whatever her husband calls himself. We are discussing Betty Kyallo and Denis Okari, DNG and his ex-wife, Willis Raburu and his wife Marya Prude.

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And unfortunately, this situation reflects the state of Kenyan marriages in Kenya in a way that can get too uncomfortable for most people to admit. Kenyan celebrities face the same issues and things aren’t looking too rosy for marriages in Kenya.

betty kyallo and denis okari

You see, if we take each individual couple as an example, it will allow us a better view of how things work in terms of the challenges Kenyan marriages face. For example, we could start with Willis Raburu and Marya Prude.

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In this case, the first issue that we can see was the trial of the miscarriage. That is a larger issue that plagues Kenya: our healthcare sector is a joke. However, that only served to exacerbate a clearly bad situation because the couple went for a short vacation in America and even that couldn’t save their marriage. We were instead treated to stories of their separation being occasioned by infidelity.

dng and his ex wife

When we take DNG and his ex-wife, it was clearly a case of a couple that decided to get married to satisfy societal and familial pressure. That is why they engaged in a disastrous marriage after such an expensive wedding. The couple were clearly not on the same page when it comes to the important issues that form the foundation of a marriage and family. And this issue isn’t unique to them. Kenyan celebrities also get the same pressure from society and their families to “step up” and get married when they arrive at a certain age even if they aren’t financially or mentally prepared for such a big step.

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Another Kenyan celebrity couple we can look at is Betty Kyallo and Denis Okari. These two divorced from each other because their marriage was rocked with the most unforgivable of sins: infidelity.

nice wanjeri and her new beau

But what happens when you find out your spouse has been unfaithful or when you begin to become close to another individual right at the point where you and your partner are experiencing a low point in the marriage? This situation engulfs many marriages but Kenyans largely act like this is a foreign concept.

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Nice Wanjeri and Wagithomo were a couple who hit the skids when the woman, Nice began to get to enjoy success in her career and her husband says she became a problem to deal with. As a result, they went their separate ways. This is a Kenyan celebrity couple that experienced the problem of what to do when a woman becomes the main breadwinner. And this is a problem many modern couples face and what happens then?

These Kenyan celebrity couples are an example of what Kenyan couples deal with and they are a very good reflection of what happens when these circumstances aren’t handled well.


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