From Omosh to Alvan and David Major: Kenyan celebs cannot keep lying that we do not support them

Image: Alvan Gatitu runs to David Ogola’s rescue

Kenyan celebs have one main complaint when it comes to Kenyans; that we do not support them. Whenever you hear them discuss issues, this is the main bone of contention.

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And the reason I am of this opinion is the fact that in recent years, we have seen Kenyan celebs cry out for help and they have received it. Whenever a Kenyan celeb, be they an actor or a comedian or a musician, whenever they cry about falling on hard times, Kenyans rally and help them.

David Major
David Major Ogola rescued from the streets and Kenyans have given him a helping hand

Omosh is the most recent example of this but there are more examples such as Alvan and David Major. I mean, Kenyans actually took the latter to rehab for crying out loud.

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So whenever you hear artists complain, you have to understand that there is a great disconnect between them and their audience. Why? Because we have to appreciate that Kenya is a third world shithole as Trump so eloquently put it.

Omosh has been bailed out of his financial problems by Kenyans

That means that a majority of our population is either living beneath or at the poverty lines. So when they give what they can to help an artist, they are doing so out of a genuine desire to help. They get nothing in return and this is charity that is not tax dedactable.

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And it grinds our gears hearing all this and then still being subjected to complaints. Sure, I will be the first to say that there are areas of our support that we can improve on but there must be an appreciation of the fact that kenyans help where they can.

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