Kenyan churches continue to pile pressure on Ruto

Popular pastor and comedian Muthee Kiengei, better known as Pastor Ben, has called on President William Ruto to address the dire economic situation facing Kenyans.

In a speech delivered at a Thanksgiving event in Ruiru Stadium, Pastor Ben said that many Kenyans are struggling to meet their basic needs, including putting food on the table. He urged the President to find concrete solutions to these issues rather than shifting blame to his political rivals.

“Can we find a solution to this challenging situation?” Pastor Ben asked. “I urge President Ruto to refrain from blaming Raila and retired President Uhuru Kenyatta. If they have done wrong, let the law take its course. What Kenyans need right now is a practical plan to ensure everyone has access to food.”

Pastor Ben also called on Ruto’s allies to stop misleading the President by portraying a false sense of happiness among the people. “These are tough times, and it’s important to address the truth,” he said. “Ruto’s government has four years ahead, and we will be watching closely.”

The pastor’s call for economic change comes amidst a clash that marred the event organized by Kikuyu gospel musician Sammy K. The incident unfolded when popular gospel singer Ngaruiya Junior unexpectedly arrived at the gathering and tried to outshine his colleagues MC Jimmie Kajim and Kihenjo who were the official MC at the event.

MC Kajim and Kihenjo had initially performed their roles commendably, but tension rose when Ngaruiya Junior intervened, causing a disruption and insisting on the alteration of the program’s sequence. The clash between the two personalities escalated rapidly, overshadowing the success of the event until that point.

Those in attendance and online users expressed disappointment over the incident, saying there is need for unity within the gospel fraternity.

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