Kenyan music group Vijana Barubaru speak out against the rot in the music industry.

The up-and-coming music group Vijana Barubaru (Spikes Mshairi and Tuku Kantu) recently opened up about their experiences in the Kenyan music industry, alleging that they were the victims of foul play by comedian Eric Omondi and Big Afrique Studios.

The group said that they were first approached by Omondi after their song “Sasa Hivi” went viral on TikTok. Omondi offered to sponsor the official audio and video for the song, but the deal never materialized.

Vijana Barubaru then met with the founder of Big Afrique Studios, who promised to sign them to a recording and management deal. The group was flown to Eldoret to finalize the deal, but they were eventually left empty-handed.

The group said that they were disappointed by Omondi and Big Afrique Studios’ actions, and that they believe that the Kenyan music industry is rife with corruption.

“We are speaking out because we want to warn other artists about the dangers of dealing with these people,” said Spikes Mshairi. “We don’t want anyone else to get taken advantage of.”

Vijana Barubaru’s story is just one example of the challenges that artists face in the Kenyan music industry. The industry is often characterized by exploitation, greed, and a lack of transparency.

It is important for artists to be aware of these risks and to take steps to protect themselves. They should carefully vet any potential deals before signing them, and they should always get everything in writing.

Vijana Barubaru’s story is a cautionary tale for all artists, but it is also a story of hope. The group is determined to succeed despite the challenges they have faced, and they are using their platform to speak out against the rot in the music industry.

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