Kenyan woman caught on camera murdering fellow Kenyan in Saudi Arabia arrested

On Sunday night, police in the Riyadh Region of Saudi Arabia detained a Kenyan woman who was accused of killing another resident.

Following the incident, which was seen in an amateur video, the woman, who could only be identified as Ms Mercy alias Saumu, was brought into custody by police officials and then detained.

Maureen is the name of the deceased woman, according to Nairobi News.

The Riyadh Police Region stated that the two had a disagreement but did not go into further detail.

“Security patrols in the Ritadh Region arrested a resident of Kenyan nationality, who assaulted another of the same nationality, which led to her death, following a dispute between them,” the police said in the statement.

Kenyans living in Saudi Arabia have condemned the event, which was documented in a viral video.

The footage shows Ms Saumu viciously assaulting Ms Maureen on a busy street. She kicks and steps on the deceased’s face before repeatedly slamming her head on the pavement.

The assault continues until passing vehicles approach the scene and halt, at which point the perpetrators leave the area.

The people who recorded the video appear to live in a structure near to the paved road and can be heard yelling at the attacker to stop the attack.

According to Saudi Arabian law, murder attracts the death penalty and already those are the charges the suspect is facing.

“Rape, murder, apostasy, sedition, sorcery, armed robbery, adultery and drug trafficking are all punishable by death in Saudi Arabia [and by Daesh]. While some of these crimes, such as premeditated murder, carry fixed punishments under Saudi shariah [Islamic law], others, such as drug-related offenses, are considered ta’zir, with neither the crime nor the punishment defined in Islam,”

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