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Kenyans are curious about Trio Mio’s KCSE results to humiliate him

March 08, 2023 at 11:12
Kenyans are curious about Trio Mio's KCSE results to humiliate him

Kenyans have been hounding Trio Mio about his results in a bid to humiliate him. And that is something he is well aware of. That is why he has been skirting the topic until he recently addressed it with a powerful statement.

Talent Or Education? Why Trio Mio Shouldn’t Be Harassed For Staying Silent Over KCSE Grade

That however doesn’t mean he is done fielding questions regarding this situation. Not by a longshot. And he should simply accept that this is part opf the price he has to pay for fame and it is what it is.

We get it, he probably hasn’t spoken on the results because he didn’t perform well but that is a private affair. That is between him, his family and the education system. Trio Mio is already doing something that sets him apart from the rest of his peers and he is doing it at a high level.

Why Trio Mio’s Grade Is A Big Deal To Kenyans

It is ironic that when discussing other successful members of Kenyan society, we seem to have accepted that not is book smart but regarldess of what you scored in the national exam, you can go on to make a name for yourself and generate wealth. Politicans such as former Mombasa Governor Joho were reported to have scored a D aggregate yet when it comes to younger individuals such as Trio Mio is where we draw the line? That is hypocrisy.

The people who keep grilli9ng and mocking him about his grades are envious of what he has managed to achieve with his craft. He is a musical artist of repute. A star if you will and the people mocking him are doing so out of frustrations for their own lives and the unachieved potential they thought they had.

Schools have re-opened and all eyes are on Trio Mio. Here’s why!

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