Kenyans will forever be asked to save celebrities who fall on tough times

It isnt anything new nor novel. But Kenyans are always being asked to help celbrities who fall on tough times. The irony of all this is the fact that a lot of celebrities accuse Kenyans of not supporting them.

From Omosh to Alvan and David Major: Kenyan celebs cannot keep lying that we do not support them

I had spoken about this earlier in the year when I pointed out the fact that this is a false notion but it all boils down to a very selfish and self centred view of the world. You see, you will often hear Kenyan acts complain about not receiving votes during continental award shows or Kenyans not buying their music.

From Omosh to Alvan and David Major: Kenyan celebs cannot keep lying that we do not support them

Sometimes it is thespians saying that we do not support their craft by buying tickets to plays or going to see their movies but all this is hogwash when you take into account the fact that when things get thick for all Kenan celebs, it is not the government of Kenya that swoops in to save the day. It is not politicians who come in to help.

Kenyan celebs only get political when their stomachs are threatened and that is not wrong

It is always invariably Kenyans and to be honest with you, this is a unique problem situation because we have allowed celebs to nurture this belief. Think about it, every time they appeal for help, we rally together to do something for them.  When Alvan needed help with his rent, we arose to meet the challenge. When David Major needed to get to a rehab centre, we helped.

David Major

And we went above and beyond for Omosh. So why would other artists who have fallen on tough times not think we would do the same thing for them? And while this is a testament to just how charitable and good natured Kenyans are but now we have created a monster.

Kenyan celebs are growing bold in their complaining about GoK

You see, we live in a third world reality which means that we have to be aware of our circumstances and actually factor that in regardless of our craft. That means that if you’re an artist, do not simply live for today. Actually plan for what you will do when those concert performances dry up. If you’re an actor, plan for what you will do once that sitcom that gives you your daily bread comes to an end.


That is the prudent thing to do. And do not feel pressured to do anything for the sake of maintaining a public image.

But at the end of the day, what does it matter? When you fall on tough times, I am sure Kenyans will be there to bail you out. Afterall, we are reaping what we sowed.

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