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Kenyans have a right to question village girl Njoki Murira’s content after clocking 1M followers on TikTok

December 13, 2022 at 10:41
Kenyans have a right to question village girl Njoki Murira's content after clocking 1M followers on TikTok

I am pretty sure you have come across a certain village girl known as Njoki Murira giving many sleepless nights with her thirst traps on social media. Well, lets just say that she is using what she has to capture her followers attention and now that she hit 1M followers on Tiktok I can bet on my life that 3/4 of those following her are men.

Asking why? Well – sex sells and this is Njoki Murira’s strong thay is judging by one click of her name and – youre directed to very funny sites (you can thank me later) but again – she is getting away with it.

Well – a few days ago the lady announced she had hit 1M followers on TikTok judging from her photos…i can’t really say she has been posting relevant content that will would attract such many followers….but again, like I said sex sells.

Kenyans react

To prove that I am not the only one questioning her relevance as a content creator, i came across a few comments from Kenyans also wondering what makes Njoki Murira a celebrity or rather a content creator since you know all she posts are photos of her Nyash.


Anyway, although this is content not many agree with, truth is Njoki Murira’s identified with her audience and continues to serve what they like…and just like that she is at 1M followers.

However I can’t help but wonder whether there is any monetary gain from what she posts. I mean by now, she would have changed her life right?


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