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Why Kenyans need to embrace Omosh and every failure in him

June 30, 2021 at 09:34
Why Kenyans need to embrace Omosh and every failure in him

Kenyans need to stop attacking Omosh and embrace him. Why? Because he is a reflection of who we are. The alcoholism and perennial victim mindset, the constant begging for help is who we are.

You see, for those of you who have been living under a rock somewhere in the deepest recesses of Moyale, allow me to recap what happened real quick… And we will start with the fact that he begged for help during an interview.


Omosh caught on camera in May,2021 drunk as a skunk

And Omosh cried and Kenyans came to his aid and rallied around him to donate money, a house, land and it appeared as though he was set for life as he even cleared his debt. Then he resurfaced a few months later asking for more money.

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There has been a split in opinion as to whether the pledges he was given previously as been honoured and he begged for more but Jalang’o is an example of an individual who took the allegations that the pledges weren’t honoured poorly accusing him of squandering all that had been donated.


Drunk Omosh

Omosh went on another interview and cried to be given equipment for him to ply his trade and indeed he eventually got the camera, stands and microphones he asked for but I do not think we are expecting much from him.

“Bibi ako worse” Neighbor exposes Omosh Kizangila’s alcoholic wife

But why did Kenyans react so badly to his failure? Afterall, we all knew he was an alcoholic and we had simply given him money instead of insisting he get help before he gains access to that money…


It is because we are all too aware that Omosh is a representation of who we are as Kenyans. And having to see ourselves so raw and unfiltered is repulsive to us. Think about it, why have a lot of memes been comparing our president to the actor?

‘Badala Ya Kuenda Mbele Anarudi Nyuma’ Hon Alinur Angry After Omosh’s New Video Of Him Drunk

Why have these memes not only been funny but satirical with quite the gut-punch? It is because there is a lot of similarities they share. And we see that we the Kenyan electorate would probably vote for Omosh were he to vie for political office.


The helplessness we see in Omosh we see in ourselves. The substance dependency we see in him is something we can identify with -only that we wake up from our weekend stupor and go to work from Monday to Friday and get back into our numbing stupor.

‘Some People Never Learn!’ Jalang’o Blasts Omosh For Claiming He Received Less Than Ksh 1 Million

Perhaps what we need to do is embrace Omosh and the caricature of us he depicts and address the real issues therein.

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