Kenyans raise 420K for Kimani Mbugua

Kimani Mbugua, a former Citizen TV personality, is extremely appreciative of how Kenyans came together to raise money for him after he posted a request for assistance online.

When Kimani learned that Kenyans had donated twice as much as he had requested, he showed his deep thanks during a live TikTok session with digital content maker Nyako, who had initiated the online fundraising.

In his request for assistance, KImani had pleaded with Kenyans for precisely Sh. 200k to launch a business since he was having financial difficulties.

“Niseme au nionyeshe (should I say or go ahead and just show you)?” Said Nyako teasingly as she went on to ask the former TV presenter to guess how much in total netizens had contributed for him. “So we are at Sh. 420,000!” 

After a brief, dramatic pause, the developer of digital material exclaimed excitedly, “It’s a lot!” Mbugua was overcome with joy as soon as she heard the sum.

In expressing his gratitude to Kenyans and internet users in general for responding, Mbugua stressed that he had not anticipated that his request would result in such kind and substantial responses.

“Thank you! Thank you so much. I never would have imagined ingekuwa hivi (it would be like this). I am so grateful to all of you. Asanteni sana,”

Mbugua said while pumping his fist in celebration.

In an interview last week with comedian Oga Obinna, the former TV host detailed his struggles since leaving his position in 2020.

He continued by saying that because he had previously worked for Kenya’s largest TV station, many Kenyans mistrusted him when he posted his Instagram video pleading for assistance.

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