Kenyans React To Khalif Kairo’s Tricks Of Separating With His Girlfriend Cera Imani

Young businessman Khalif Kairo is back again at what he does best, which is getting netizens’ attention. While most people have been indulging in his business with his girlfriend Cera Imani, Khalif has been on the frontline to defend her and even go ahead to make netizens hear what they want to hear.

To begin with, he was immensely trolled by netizens after he introduced his girlfriend to the public. He received a backlash for the same as most people believed the relationship would end in premium tears.

A section of netizens even went a step further to uncover his girlfriend’s past, just to try and insinuate that she wasn’t a good person.

Either way, Kairo was not taking any of the shenanigans. He hasn’t been tardy in making netizens eschew poking their noses into their business.

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Netizens React

That being said, Kairo recently shared in an interview with Ankali Ray that he was left by his girlfriend this past Saturday. It all seems like a hoax in the manner he was answering the questions. We all know that he’s bluffing with the statement.

But here’s how a section of netizens reacted;

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