Kenyans reactions to Maxine Wahome and Asad Khan’s GBV case proves we are quick to point fingers

Maxine Wahomes names has been making rounds on social media as word has it that she was arrested for alleged assaulting her boyfriend, Asad Khan.

However being the only people who were present during the alleged argument – that led to a fight and Asad Khan allegedly jumping off a window where he suffered a deep cut hence his admission at the Avenue Hospital – we cant really draw a clear picture as to how the incident went down.

Anyway what i know is that Kenyans are big mad asking where justice is now that Ms Maxine Wahome is out on Ksh 100,000 bail; yet her man is bedridden at the hospital fighting for his life. Okay, yes – it’s fair to question especially having not seen any feminists speak out….because believe me, if it was the other way round – social media would be on fire.

Court to decide

But then again, word has it that the two allegedly got into a fight simply because Maxine Wahome arrived at their kileleshwa home late – after a night out with her friends. Something that makes it even more hard to explain because now we are dealing with ‘maybe’ an intoxicated person, not forgetting the other with alleged insecurities….and i am starting to believe that this is what mambo ya watu wawili ni ngumu means.

Because clearly no one can take sides but the good thing is that the case is already in court….but kenyans being quick to react to everything, I can say the boychild is out here demanding justice for Asad Khan…forgetting the court needs more evidence against Maxine Wahome – who should also share her side of the story to help understand what went down; before Asad Khan bounces back to also speak his truth.

Anyway, our views as Ghafla has nothing to do with the comments shared below from Kenyans reacting to the said case.

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