Kenyans should now contribute for Eric Omondi’s bail

Eric Omondi is still fighting to give ordinary Kenyans a voice and the resulting consequence is that he keeps getting teargassed, arrested and charged only for the state to tell him to pay bail.

Eric Omondi Arraigned In Court Over Protests (Video)

That last part is where we need to come together to bear some responsibility over the struggle as bail gets costly. And he is doing all this to create a political vehicle that can give us a voice.

Eric Omondi is doubtless doing this to create a political soapbox for himself but politics is a game of interests and while ours as ordinary Kenyans align with his, we need to go out and have our voices hear.

Kibe mocks Eric Omondi protests claims its all a con

And I am of course speaking to the quasi-middle class who always pontificate about wanting to go out on the streets to have our voices heard but we are too cowardly to do so during Azimio maandamanos because of the criminal element that’s usually in their fold.

Eric Omondi forms a great compromise for anyone harbouring the will to take to the streets to share our collective frustrations at the ever-rising cost of living.

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