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Kenyans should take Stivo Simple Boy seriously

August 24, 2019 at 16:21
Stivo Simple Boy encourages Kenyans in 'We Shall Overcome'

Sometimes I wonder whether Kenyans, especially artists, take Steven Otieno, alias Stevo Simple Boy, seriously or they just want to associate with him because he’s the talk of the town.

In as much as his songs need a bit of polishing, I still feel that he’s very talented. He has it in him. He really does.

However, for one reason or the other people have turned him into a butt  of jokes and fail to appreciate the fact that he is a gifted singer.

To add to that, his songs have a message which is not the case with many Kenyan artists because let’s be honest, when was the last time someone released a song that tells you to avoid drugs?

Stevo Simple Boy with Naiboi

Stevo Simple Boy with Naiboi

A few weeks ago, Khaligraph said the same thing that people just want to associate with him and have him on their shows to boost their ratings but no one really wants to help him.

Truth is, Stevo Simple Boy was discovered roughly 7 weeks ago but to this very day we have not seen any collabo with all the big artists who have posed for photos with him.

This begs a lot of questions, it makes you wonder what they think of him and whether they would go the extra mile to ensure that his talent does not go to waste.

If continue to think of him as a joke, then he won’t be relevant in three months because Kenyans forget very fast.

Watch his viral hit song dubbed Mihadarati below.


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