Kenya’s Rhumba Maestro John Junior Set To Release New Track At Benelix Lounge

Kenya’s Rumba Maestro John Junior who is credited for having redefined local Rumba music making it acceptable locally and beyond is set to officially launch his new track “Vinny” on Saturday, 29th July, 2023 on his YouTube channel.
Thereafter there shall be a video release after-party to be held at Eastlands Finest BENELIX Lounge, Greenspan Mall Donholm on the same day.
The show shall be presided over by the equally big and electrifying Rhumba Kings from Congo “RHUMBA JAPAN” led by band leader Goby Makabi Manenga and Drummist Vasco da Gama who are trading under the banner “6,600
dancing styles” accompanied by their exciting and boneless ladies dancing Crew besides their vocal prowess.

John Junior, the humble and soft-spoken musician, who bares “ambition” as his middle name has been giving sleepless nights to some of the established Rumba musicians in East & Central Africa since releasing famous hits like
“Nyoremo”, Mashabiki and “Awino” songs which are usually about love and are emotional, scintillating and highly danceable in nature.

Johnny generally uses his music to promote love as he believes that “Life without love is unbearable. You must be loved and love others in order to live a meaningful life. He is very grateful to his fans for their unwavering support. He has brought his fans very close to him and declares that they are part of the band and are their employers. His shows attract a multigenerational audience from different backgrounds both locally and abroad. While the main language used in the lyrics is Dholuo, several others are also used including Lingala, Swahili, French and Spanish.

All Friends and Rhumba Fans, let’s turn up and support our very own Rhumba King John Junior without fail this Saturday 29th July at Benelix Lounge, Greenspan Mall. Now you know

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