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”Kesho Ni Mazishi” Eric Omondi Threatens Khaligraph Ahead Of Awaited Match

February 22, 2021 at 12:44
''Kesho Ni Mazishi'' Eric Omondi Threatens Khaligraph Ahead Of Awaited Match

The long awaited boxing match between Eric Omondi and the OG himself, Khaligraph Jones is only hours away. The King of Comedy and the King of Rap seem like they will settle their differences inside the ring. To most, the match still looks like a hoax but in a few hours time, we are going to know the truth. Eric Omondi has however threatened Omollo ahead of the clash. On his Instagram, he posted a video of an ambulance speeding on the road, saying that it would be Khaligraph’s transport tomorrow.

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”TOMORROW EVERYTHING CHANGES!!! KESHO NI MAZISHI…This will be Omollo O-Chieth’s transport tomorrow.”

Eric revealed that the beef between him and Khaligraph started when Khali lifted him up on stage in front of his fans. He was weighing less than 60 Kgs by that time. Owing to the fact that he gained muscles and weight in less than a year, he says he’s ready to face Khaligraph.

On the other hand, Kenyan rapper Khaligraph has not hyped the match as such. Instead, he is busy flaunting his son on his Instagram page.

Eric announced about the match since last month. This will be another entertaining moment for netizens as we await the official start time to be announced. Who are you placing your bet on?


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