Khaligraph Jones and his toxic baby mama Cashy Karimi

By now you already know that Khaligraph Jones is being dragged through the mud by his former girlfriend and baby mama (not to mention one-hit-wonder), Cashy Karimi. What is rather interesting about all this is the fact that she is the type you would expect to be an Independent Woman Who Don’t Need No Man™ yet she is stuck on him.

‘He Is Building A Mansion Yet He Has Neglected His Own Child’-Khaligraph Jones Baby Mama Cashy Karimi

The entire situation generated a rather interesting conversation between my friends and I as we debated who -if anyone- was on the wrong. My money is on her being on the wrong and I will explain to you why I am willing to die on this hill.

Cashy Karimi unveils boyfriend

When Khaligraph Jones and Cashy Karimi broke up, he accused her of cheating on him. She remained silent on the entire affair. I, however, have a more interesting take on things… What if he never wanted the baby to begin with? You see, unlike with women, men have no say on whether or not the baby will be conceived (due to all the birth control options available to women) and whether or not the baby will be carried to term (the final solution).

Cashy Karimi takes a swipe at Khaligraph Jones wife, reveals she was the side chic not the other way round

Do we know whether that was the case? No. But what if it was? If a woman can say something like, “My body my choice”, then why can’t a man say the same about everything he has agency over? Why can’t a man choose where and when to invest his time, effort and money?


Feminists will call a woman who had the presence of mind to terminate a pregnancy a good woman, a woman who was mindful of her future but when a man aborts his financial responsibility to a baby he never wanted, he is a deadbeat dad? Make it make sense.

‘I’ll Never Give Him The Child’-Khaligraph Jone’s Baby Mama Cashy Karimi Speaks

I should reiterate at this point that we do not know whether this is how things played out but the fact still remains that we should respect a man’s decision to opt out of a pregnancy. But again, we do not know whether or not this played out between Khaligraph Jones and Cashy Karimi.

Khaligraph Jones with ex, Cashy

That said, the reason why I say she is a toxic, poisonous baby mama is because of the manner in which she has been conducting herself. She has become petty and does irrelevant things out of spite. Case in point was when Georgina Amali, Khaligraph Jones’ wife celebrated his 32nd birthday with a touching series of birthday wishes on social media. None of you can convince me that Cashy Karimi’s messages mocking what she said were called for. I understand that she is hurting and she is bitter because of the way things played out between them but why drag his family into it? Even if there is behind the scenes drama between his wife and baby mama, why would she bring it to our attention?

Cashy Karimi Needs To Stop Sharing Her Issues With Khaligraph Jones

Also, there is the fact that this is no longer about doing what is right by their son. The reason I say this is because Cashy Karimi is a Kikuyu and Khaligraph Jones a Luo. The two communities have different customs with regard to children and lineage. According to her custom, the children are the mother’s (matrilineal) while according to his customs, the children are the fathers (patrilineal).

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He has come out to say that he wants to be given his son (after the paternity test confirmed paternity) so he could be raised under his roof. She has refused. Why? She is claiming to be struggling to provide for the boy so how does it make sense that you want the boy raised in deprivation while his father wants to raise him in abundance?

Cashy vs Khaligraph Jones: Is child support meant for the child or mother?

And I should not have to mention the fact that statistics tell us that children born to complete nuclear families are more balanced and have better odds of being successful than those raised by single mothers. Children raised by single mothers also have a higher chance of getting involved in crime and drug abuse. I don’t know about you but sometimes loving someone means letting them pursue a path that allows them the best odds of succeeding even if it guts us.

The Omollo’s

Unlike Khaligraph Jones and Cashy Karimi, I don’t have children nor do I have a baby mama so I am speaking as an uninformed observer who is basing his arguments on cold, hard facts. But one thing I know is that the constant online fights (which in all honesty are started and sustained by her) will do little for the boy’s wellbeing. Since she cannot get things to play out as she wants, she might aswell maintain her dignity and silence and move on with life.

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