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Khaligraph Jones Baby Mama Miss Cashy Confirms He Demanded For DNA Test But He’s Still A Deadbeat (Video)

January 25, 2022 at 14:57
Khaligraph Jones Baby Mama Miss Cashy Confirms He Demanded For DNA Test But He's Still A Deadbeat (Video)

Award winning rapper Khaligraph Jones has yet again been caught up in a scandal involving him and his baby mama Cashy Karimi; who claims the rapper is deadbeat. The female musician last year requested child support from Khaligraph, but her efforts ended in a cul de sac.

Still A DeadBeat?

It seems like the OG was not convinced that the kid was his. This escalated to him demanding a DNA test; and results came out positive confirming he was the biological father. This is new information that we’ve leant from Cashy; who divulged in a recent interview with Milele FM’s Ankali.

”Ndio maana ata natoka Nairobi. Nairobi amejaa uko jameni. Uko mna respect the OG but mi najua na mtoi anajua OG hafanyi anything. Inahuzunisha sana. It’s very sad. Last year was very hard. Ikabidi tufanye ile test (DNA)…After kufanya anajaribu jaribu kuongea… It’s all about the baby.”

Ms Cashy drops hint on why she broke up with Khaligraph – Nairobi News

Cashy and Khaligraph Jones-Google

According to Cashy, all she wants is Khaligraph to man up and take responsibility since she can take care of herself. She started the complaints last year and it looks like nothing’s changed.

On the flipside, Khaligraph did not want to respond to the accusations as he hanged up on Ankali during the interview; warning him against asking such questions.

Watch the full video below courtesy of Plug TV.


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