Khaligraph Jones claps back after MCSK audit report revealed theft of musician’s royalties

Kenyan musicians have been rioting over the extremely poor leadership of copyright board, MCSK among other key organizations involved, who have for years paid up royalties in form of peanuts.

The wide view among artistes was that the industry was not conducive enough for the growth of their exceptional talents which have since been taken for granted. Some wishing they had started their careers overseas which would have now multiplied the kind of reception they are receiving in their own country.

Kenyan female rapper, Femi One

Weeks after their ugly rants went viral, a drastic audit was made among those corporates involved in collecting royalties for artists, with reports finally out clearly indicating that musicians’ royalties had been swindled.

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MCSK, PRiSK and Kamp were among bodies majorly touched on by the forensic audit from 2017 to 2019 that unearthed deep-rooted inefficiencies in the systems. Findings that were presented to KeCoBo chairman Mutuma Mathiu on Tuesday in form of a draft report.

“The non-compliance exposes the three societies to serious risks of misappropriation of funds, civil and criminal liability and loss of income from penalties and sanctions,” read the statement in part.

A report that popular rapper, Khaligraph Jones has now given his two cents on, clarifying that an audit was not worth the sweat at the very least.

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Because it was not news that some form of corruption scandals had been going on for the longest time possible and the entertainers continue to suffer even with all the numerous press briefings being given currently.

The Audit was Unnecessary, We have been Saying this from The beginning, The Kenyan Entertainment industry keeps on Suffering, DJs ,Artists, Event Organizers, Bouncers, Dancers Waiters, Club Owners, Restaurants etc,

Influential Kenyan rapper, Khaligraph Jones


His sentiments attracted mixed reactions from fans, some against, others for it.

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