Khaligraph Jones Explains Why He’s Been Silent On Current Political Matters

Most celebrities have eschewed talking about their opinion on the current political regime & economic situation. The ‘maandamanos’ which were recently called off by Azimio’s leader Raila Odinga, were also a paramount topic.

A couple of celebrities have however, shared their opinions on the same, including Eric Omondi, Huddah Monroe, among others.

Legendary rapper Khaligraph Jones is among celebrities who have been silent on the issue. Why? Well, according to Khaligraph, politics is a sensitive area he wouldn’t want to talk about.

“Politics is a very sensitive topic right now, the political atmosphere is complex, so even if I have an opinion, na mimi ni msanii what I would like to see is if we maintain peace as a country if people decide to do maandamano ikuwe peaceful, if they don’t decide then at the end of the day we are just trying to get an environment where peace is thriving.”

”So right now unaniuliza mambo ya Donald Trump utaniuliza mambo ya Barack Obama na nitakujibu kuna , local itabidi mungangane nayo, na akina Erico.”

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