Khaligraph Jones exposes Diamond’s photographer of trying to finesse him

Image: Lukamba

Khaligraph Jones and Lukamba, a former photographer for Diamond Platnumz, are embroiled in a dispute over photos that Lukamba took of Jones and Platnumz at the Sound City Awards gala in Nigeria.

Jones claims that Lukamba demanded money to share the photos with him, but Lukamba denies this. He says that he never asked for money and that he was simply trying to be professional by sending the photos to Jones’ work email.

Jones has shared screenshots of their Instagram chats that appear to support his claim. In the chats, Jones asks Lukamba to send the photos to his work email, and Lukamba agrees. However, the photos were never sent.

Lukamba has also shared screenshots of his own, which he says show that he never asked for money. He also says that his memory card was corrupted and that he lost all the data on it, including the photos of Jones and Platnumz.

The dispute between Jones and Lukamba is ongoing. It is unclear who is telling the truth, but it is clear that there is bad blood between the two men.

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