Khaligraph Jones getting called to perform in Sierra Leone is huge

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Khaligraph Jones recently got called up for a performance in Sierra Leone and for some reason we are acting as if that was not a huge deal.

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The rapper who used to be marked for his Cadence and American accent in his music has finally proved his detractors wrong as he has shown that his target was never merely a local audience but an international one.

And like it or not there are no Kenyan artists who make music in Sheng who have been called to perform in any country outside of east Africa. Khaligraph Jones however has begun to take his music continental and one of the secrets of his success is the fact that English is a very widely spoken language meaning even fans from different countries can understand and relate to what he is saying.

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On top of that he has also managed to shut up one of his biggest detractors in Eric Omondi complaining that Kenyan artists don’t seem to have a continental appeal. And with one move he has managed to checkmate his biggest critic. That is definitely a lovely sight to behold.

Khaligraph Jones wasn’t called for a club appearance no as he called for a tiny event rather from the videos we have seen online it was a Stadium concert and he had thousands if not hundreds of thousands of fans singing along to his music word-for-word and that a major coup for the Kenyan entertainment industry as it has opened up doors for other artists and acts to follow in his footsteps.

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Khaligraph Jones has introduced himself to the west African Community and can now begin to grow a fan base outside of Sierra Leone and into neighbouring countries perhaps even Nigeria which has by far one of the biggest markets in terms of population and revenue in Africa.

Khaligraph Jones

What you need to do now is to focus on growing he’s here and Union base organically and perhaps he can score two more huge concerns there after which he can then set his eyes on conquering the anglophone markets in West Africa such as Ghana and Nigeria.

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No one knows what the future holds for Khaligraph Jones, however, if the beginning of 2023 is anything to go by he is definitely going to create a bigger footprint for himself in African entertainment.

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