Khaligraph Jones makes a suggestion about quitting music early

The award-winning rapper Khaligraph Jones has subtly hinted at a potential early retirement from the music industry.

In a recent Instagram post, the “Mazishi” hitmaker acknowledged his impactful career, emphasizing the milestones achieved in propelling East African Hip Hop to greater heights.

Without divulging many details about his decision, Khaligraph Jones expressed gratitude to his supporters and believers, stating that there is still unfinished business before he contemplates retirement.

“A good career it has been. It’s good to remind you all because you all pretend to forget sometimes, always pushed EA Hip Hop to greater levels and still continue to do so even when some still doubt. Shoutout to all the believers who continue to support. I still got some work to do before I retire though, Khali Cartel 5 loading #respecttheogs,” shared Khaligraph on his Instagram page.

As the founder and CEO of Blu Ink, Khaligraph Jones, in a past interview, recounted his humble beginnings in the music industry, highlighting that he started with nothing.

In 2004, he made his debut in a studio as a duo with gospel singer Hopekid.

“I came from something but it was nothing compared to the standards that I’ve set right now. The perception people have is that I come from a very well-off background-but that’s not the case,” he revealed.

Khaligraph Jones gained international acclaim in 2009 when he won the Channel O Music Video Awards Emcee Africa, a highly visible competition that propelled him to the forefront of the music scene.

Having earned numerous accolades in the music industry, Khaligraph Jones has remained a significant influence.

In 2024, he has already released two songs.

The latest, “Chocha,” dropped on January 18, where he addresses the tendency of people to present exaggerated versions of themselves to appear better in the eyes of others, known as “kujichocha” in Swahili slang.

“Ukijibizana mtaa itakudhuru, ukijibishana wanakutax ushuru. Mlibanja sana hamtaki Uhuru, sahii imebamba sana wapi nduru, yeah. Hatuendi maandamano, Baba maintain kanyo kanyo. Mr President ongeza miaka tano na nyi wa Kenya lazima mkuwe na msimamo,” raps King Khali.

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