Khaligraph Jones Responds To Wizzo Tano Nane, Madocho Mjamo For Dissing Him- ‘Luku Mbwakni’

Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has finally had his say on Wizzo Tano Nane’s unfathomable disses towards him. The talented rapper explains that he’s been receiving all kinds of disses after his career picked. But he explains that he’s not one to hold grudges.

After using Wizzo Tano Nane’s slang ‘Kwani ni Kesho’ in his song, Khaligraph found himself at loggerheads with the youngster; who took advantage of the same and endlessly dissed him.

Who's Laughing Now? Khaligraph Shuts Down Tanonane By Using His Slang 'Kwani Kesho' In His New Track
Khaligraph and Wizzo Tano nane-Google

Khaligraph however, made it a win-win situation by dropping a banger with his slang and ignoring him.

”Saa Zile mnakimbia Ku Clout Chase na Jina Ya Omollo; Alafu me Nawaibia iyo Slang mumetumia kunitusi nayo, natangeneza Nayo Banger. Its a Different Ball Game. The OG shall be respected…”

On the other hand, Madocho Mjamo recently hurled insults at Khaligraph for supporting Mbogi Genje.

Haters Are Not A Big Deal

Khaligraph has now responded to all of them by claiming that he’s now used to such disses. In fact, he says he finds them funny; and they never affect him in any way.

”Skuizi nimeona wasee wengi wametokea ati  OG anapiga sijui luku mbwakni. Kitu inaeza ni concern the least at this point mahali nimefika na career yangu ni ati mtu aniambie nguo navaa ni fake ama ni original… Those things don’t even matter”

Watch Khaligraph’s interview below;

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