Khaligraph Jones Throws Shade At Music Royalties Body After Paying Artists ‘Peanuts’

Rapper Khaligraph Jones isn’t buying the Music Copyright Society of Kenya’s (MCSK) promise of a Sh20 million payout to 16,000 artists. He sees the announced payment, touted by MCSK CEO Ezekiel Mutua, as proof of systemic corruption within the organization.

“It’s a clear sign of how rotten things are. These guys are supposed to be looking out for artists, but they’ve dropped the ball big time,” Jones said, emphasizing that artists entrusted MCSK with managing their royalties.

However, the outspoken rapper hinted at a brewing revolution for creatives, something he’s working on “behind the scenes.” “You’ll see what’s coming, a game-changer for sure,” he stated confidently.

Meanwhile, Mutua confirmed the Sh20 million payout, slated for January 25 to March 29, with another three distributions planned throughout the year. He clarified that the funds will not be divided equally, dispelling rumors.

“There’s a clear, two-pronged system for fair distribution,” Mutua explained. “Airplay data determines the scientific portion, while every member receives a minimum token through the general method.”

He condemned attempts to portray the payout as an equal share-out, highlighting the established transparent system.

While MCSK promises a financial reprieve for artists, Khaligraph Jones’ skepticism and veiled promise of change add a layer of intrigue to the ongoing saga. Will creatives see a truly fair system emerge, or are they in for another disappointment?

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