Khaligraph responds to Willy Paul throwing shade at his shine

Khaligraph Jones and Nikita Kering have been selected to represent Kenya in the second season of the musical TV show, Coke Studio.

The announcement was made on Thursday, July 6, at the launch event for the show.

Controversial musician Willy Paul expressed resentment over his selection in a social media conversation with Khaligraph Jones.

Willy Paul, who was perplexed, enquired, “What Standards Does Coke Studio Use To Select Musicians? Because I’ve been topping their surveys for the longest time, or is this another cartel-based system? We have Wakadinali, Ob, myself, and many more people. Anyway, let me tend to my own affairs.

Without holding back, Khaligraph Jones replied, “The cartel you’re referring about is named Khali Cartel, and I am the chairman. Since I’ll be around until 2029, if you send me your CV, I might take you into consideration.

The necessity to recognize Khaligraph Jones as an OG (Original Gangster) in the music industry was also highlighted in the comments, though.

The two singers’ conversation with one another appears to have sparked some interest and involvement among their fans, sparking a discussion regarding their individual skills and the Coke Studio audition procedure.

Khaligraph Jones is a well-known rapper in Kenya, while Nikita Kering is a singer and songwriter.

Their selection has been met with mixed reactions, with some people praising the decision and others questioning it.

Coke Studio is a music show that features artists from different countries collaborating on new songs.

The show is known for its innovative and creative productions, and it has helped to promote African music to a global audience.

The selection of Khaligraph Jones and Nikita Kering is a sign of the growing popularity of Kenyan music.

Both artists are talented and respected in the industry, and their collaboration is sure to be a success.

Khaligraph Jones has expressed his excitement about the opportunity to work with Nikita Kering.

“I’m a fan of her music, and I think we’re going to create something special together,” he said.

Nikita Kering is also looking forward to the collaboration.

“I’m excited to work with Khaligraph Jones,” she said. “He’s a great artist, and I think we’re going to make some magic.”

The Coke Studio season 2 is set to premiere on July 13, 2023.

The show will be broadcast on TV stations across Africa, as well as online.

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