Kibe: Even your mothers were gold diggers

Kibe has come out with more caustic content, this time making it as personal as possible. He has come out with a video in which he is arguing hypergamy but what he said was, “All women are gold diggers, including your mother”.


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Kibe is known to be a controversial figure who delights in shock jock-style content but sadly, more often than not, the gems of his wisdom are lost to the more sensitive members of his audience.

He was most recently embroiled in a beef with his favourite punching bag, Amber Ray who is usually involved in some of the shadiest scandals making her low hanging fruit.

He happened to mention her son and though what he said was true, she didn’t take too kindly to Kibe doing so and she subsequently threatened to bewitch the man -this played on both her heritage as a Kamba and the fact there are photos circulating of her being at a witch’s premises.

Away from all that and back ton his message, who knows, he might be right about you being the scion of a gold-digging mother because women seldom settle down with a man with nothing to offer.

As for whether or not Kibe is right in saying this is wroong is another matter up for debate because let’s face it, that is how the world has has been since time imemorial and hypergamy is the name of the mating game.

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