Kibe mocks Eric Omondi protests claims its all a con

Kibe seems to know something we all did not know as he has decided to call out comedian come political activist Eric Omondi.

Eric Omondi attacks David Ndii

Take me to a social media account the men’s rights activist acknowledges that Kenyans have been supporting the comedian who has started championing the plight of everyday Kenyans.

Andrew Kibe offers to do paternity tests for all Kenyan celebs

However he claims that in one of the videos that was not widely circulated eric-omondi joking and laughing with the police officers who have arrested him. To Kibe this is proof that there is more a foot than meets the eye.


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Could it be possible that this is assay of nation being carried out by the Sitting government to have Eric Omondi bamboozle and confuse Kenyans?

Why else would Eric Omondi be laughing with his arresting officers because as Kibe put it Kenyan police officers aren’t known to be the most humane while executing their duties.

Or is Kibe just being a hater? Is he simply just upset that the comedian is getting so much attention? You be the judge but time will tell.

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