Kibe’s exit from Kiss FM opens the door for Jalang’o to join

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Jalang’o aka Jalas, aka Heavy J is an example of why people should invest heavily on building their brands -especially those in media. You see, he was fired from Mediamax owned Milele FM for refusing to accept a fifty per cent pay cut just a few short days ago.

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And already, it would seem like luck is on his side because following a reported meeting with the Radio Africa Limited CEO, Patrick Quarcoo, news just reaching us this morning intimates that the company which owns Kiss 100 has decided to part ways with Andrew Kibe.


The details for this decision is still not clear but what is clear is that if you’re a lazy bum, you think this is proof that Jalang’o has a guardian angel or luck on his side.

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The truth of the matter, however, is less grandiose or based on destiny than you would like to think: he -Felix Odiwuor is simply reaping the rewards of all the hard work he put into his brand as Jalang’o which has amassed for him a following and that is why Radio Africa Limited has been flirting with the idea of bringing him on board.


Add to this the fact that he has also been building his digital presence with a YouTube account that has grown as if he had fed it steroids and you see why other media houses would want to get him. Most traditional media companies have a protected position due to the heavy capital investment required and the political connections one must have to start radio stations. As a result of the internet, however, the barriers to entry into the media and content creation field no longer exist and as a result, traditional media is struggling to get a foothold in the digital space outside of reporting news.

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And Jalang’o had the sense to sit in that desired space -an organically grown and maintained content generation field with a massive following.

andrew kibe and kamene goro

So as we wait to see what unfolds, I would wager that Kiss 100 is waiting on the wings for an opportune time or perhaps they will create that time themselves and they will announce that Jalang’o has joined their staff and he will very likely be paired with Kamene Goro.

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Still, that morning show has lacked stability since Caroline Mutoko left the scene and while Adelle and Shaffie brought some semblance of stability, it was short-lived. It will be interesting to see what unfolds from here on out.


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