“Kifua yako imejaa mafuta” Akothee savagely insults fan who criticized her ‘bad’ music

Akothee has always been a no nonsense and if anything – she remains unapologetic for her actions or rather stunts seen on social media. So far we have seen the singer call out critics on her page; and the latest one involves a fan who called her out for bad vocals that allegedly contribute to Akothee’s bad music. Ouch.

Akothee TBT

Well, this comment did not seem to impress Akothee who would opted to turn the other chick; but being her usual self – the singer decided to slap back and man was she mean. In a now deleted post, Akothee is seen throwing heavy insults at the fan saying;

Me on a Thursday googling Aisha????????????I don’t feel bad when such idiots pull stunts on me. I feel embarrassed ???????????????? wewe pia kuja uimbe na hiyo kifua yako imejaa mafuta tuone kama sauti itatoka.

You’re a pig

Just when you thought 2021 was going to change Akothee for the better; turns out that she actually got worse – that is in terms of insults. Apart from calling out the fan for her fat body; the singer compared her (Caroline) to a pig saying;

Na ata sijasema umezaliwa china manake macho kidogo kama Vile nguruwe hivi, sijui waniona ama waona pia lako tu ????????????????. Hata hivyo hayanihusu mimi macho yako yakuonee upendacho; na sikio lako umelifunika na weave ya kobole ishike adabu madam Caroline. Tuheshimiane na corona.

Akothee vs fan

Not quite sure whether this helped Akothee feel better about herself and her music; but truth is that this fan clearly hurt Akothee’s feelings.

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