Kimani Mbugua Receives Family Support In Mental Health Journey (Video)

Former Kenyan media personality Kimani Mbugua has been in the news due to concerns about his mental health. In a recent interview, his father provided an update on his condition and the steps being taken to support him.

Safeguarding Kimani’s Well-Being

Kimani’s father revealed he is currently residing in a secure apartment in Makongeni Phase 10, Thika. This decision keeps him close to family members who can monitor him.

“He’s still recovering,” explained his father. “To ensure his safety, he’s close to family. His cousins live in the same building, and the neighbors are also involved in his care.”

The apartment has safety measures to prevent self-harm. “The place is secure,” his father emphasized. “In case of an episode, he can’t harm himself, but family can still reach him.”

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Celebrating Achievements

Despite the current challenges, Kimani’s father remembers his son’s accomplishments with pride. He highlighted Kimani’s academic and professional successes.

“Kimani recently turned 28,” his father said. “He excelled in school, attending private institutions after his village nursery school. He earned an A at Njiiri School and later transitioned to a church school in Nairobi, Karura.”

Kimani pursued journalism over law, a choice his father initially opposed but ultimately supported. This decision led him to connect with media figures like Churchill and Larry Madowo.

Kimani’s career flourished, and he was a pillar for his siblings and mother until his mental health struggles began.

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Understanding Kimani’s Journey

Kimani’s father recounted the February 2020 incident that signaled a turning point. During a board meeting, Kimani unexpectedly confessed to substance use, something his father had never witnessed.

“Everything was normal until February 2020,” his father shared. “We were in a board meeting at my consulting firm, where he’s also a director. He stood up and admitted to being under the influence for days. This was a shock, especially since we’re a Seventh-day Adventist family. There were also warning signs, like leaving his car unlocked in the basement.”

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