Kimani Mbugua’s father recounts how acquaintances drugged his son’s beverage and then removed any traces of the incident.

Kimani Mbugua’s father recently shared insights into his son’s academic journey, professional achievements, onset of mental health challenges, and their impact on both the family and their shared business ventures. Kimani Mbugua, formerly a journalist at Citizen TV, has grappled with severe mental health issues over the past four years, sparking public concern due to his social media activities. In an interview with Oga Obinna on May 14, his father provided an update, assuring that Kimani is now in a secure environment, closely monitored by family and neighbors.


Kimani Mbugua Receives Family Support In Mental Health Journey (Video)

According to his father, Kimani currently resides in an apartment in Makongeni Phase 10, Thika, chosen to keep him close to family members who could provide supervision and support. The father emphasized safety measures in place to prevent self-harm, highlighting the family’s commitment to Kimani’s well-being.

Reflecting on Kimani’s earlier accomplishments, his father spoke proudly of his academic excellence and successful career. Despite initially preferring law, Kimani pursued journalism, garnering recognition from influential figures like Churchill and Larry Madowo. However, his mental health began deteriorating in February 2020, marked by concerning incidents such as unexpected confessions of substance use during a board meeting.


Former Journalist Kimani Mbugua Struggles With Bipolar Disorder

Further distress arose when Kimani’s girlfriend reported his erratic behavior, leading to hospitalization where he was restrained and disoriented, leaving his father deeply troubled. Investigations revealed Kimani had been exposed to harmful substances at a birthday party, exacerbating his condition.

Regarding Kimani’s public accusations against him, including theft and selling his car, his father clarified that these incidents occurred during distressing episodes, prompting desperate measures for urgent care. Despite the financial strain, Kimani himself suggested selling his car to cover medical expenses, underscoring the family’s dedication to his recovery.

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