King Kaka, Avril and other Kenyan artists grumble as Kenya Tourism Board appoints Eddy Kenzo as its brand ambassador

Ugandan dancehall artist Edrisa Musuuza known professionally by his stage name as Eddy Kenzo has been named the new ambassador of Kenya Tourism Board (KTB). And bush-league Kenyan musicians can’t take it.

Dr. Betty Adero Radier the Chief Executive Director of Kenya Tourism Board explained that it was prudent of them to consider a Ugandan artist since Uganda contributes highly among other East African states.

“Ugandan tourists contribute a very big percentage on the total number of tourists visiting Kenya, we decided to appoint Eddy Kenzo because many people in the region understand him very well,” Dr. Radier said while addressing members of the press at Sheraton Hotel Kampala.

“It’s a great honour and opportunity I have been given to promote the homage, culture, beauty, natural resource,infrastructure and tourism in general of my other mother country Kenya. Under the campaign Take a break #Tugendekenya #magicalKenya.” Eddy Kenzo said after his appointment.

Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) unveils Eddy Kenzo as its brand ambassador in Uganda and the whole East African Region.

Mseto East Africa broke the news to Kenyans on Instagram and Kenyan artists didn’t like it at all. King Kaka, Avril and other celebs were quick to show their disapproval.

Theavieway (Avril): ?????

Thecremedelacreme (DJ Creme De La Creme): ???????????

thekingkaka (King Kaka): Ujinga Mtupu, ujinga mtupu


What Kenyan artists failed to understand is that KTB chose value addition over patriotism. All of the Kenyan artists who were complaining about Kenzo’s appointment have NEVER won leave alone being nominated for any international award.

Eddy Kenzo won BET award for the ‘Viewer’s Choice Best New International Artist’ in 2015. He was also nominated for MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) in 2016.

Eddy Kenzo shows off the BET award he won

Talk of having influence across the continent, neither Avril nor King Kaka have ever performed ‘one-man show’ outside the boundaries of Kenya; last Saturday Eddy Kenzo filled a stadium in Guinea-Bissau, one-man show. And he’s having another concert in Ethiopia.

Eddy Kenzo performs in Bissau on Saturday May 6th

So, should Kenya Tourism Board pick Kenyan artists as its brand ambassador over foreign artists who add value to their campaign?


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