King Kaka responds to female fan who publicly professed his love for him in leaked DM

Image: King Kaka responds to female fan who publicly professed his love for him

Celebrity Kenyan rapper King Kaka born Kennedy Ombima is sure a darling to the ladies and this time round, a daring female fan told him that to his face.

The rap legend found himself at a tight spot after a fan tried enticing him into infidelity, without even blinking.

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The DM

King Kaka leaked a screenshot of private chats with a frank secret admirer who could not help but drool over his deceiving looks.

Rapper King Kaka

The unknown user screenshots a recent photo of King Kaka clad in a sharp black suit with that serious face on that he captioned;

“Sura ya kazi yaani business face…”

To which the female fan confesses;

“Si unakuanga mali safi….yaani ile design unakuanga umenikunywa wacha tu…”

Kenyan rapper King Kaka

But that is not it, that is where her love letter to the father of 3 begins;

“You are my dream man, yaani wewe huwezi cheat ata siku moja tu hivi,” she poses.

Going further to try and lure the rapper to slip a bit once in a while instead of tying himself up so much.

“Mwanaume lazima a-cheat kidogo..usikue mgumu ivo,” the conversation concludes.

King Kaka responds

A chat the Wajinga Nyinyi hitmaker has been left seriously pondering over as he informed fans;

“Nimeambiwa nisikuwe mgumu.”

A conversation his wife, Nana Owiti is however yet to respond to.

Some left in shock, others urging him to follow his heart.

What caught the eye of many was controversial city Pastor Ngangas advice to him;

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