King Kaka sets the record straight regarding speculated separation from his wife, Nana Owiti.

King Kaka addressed speculation about his relationship with his wife, Nana Owiti, after fans noticed her absence from his recent Mother’s Day tribute, sparking rumors of marital trouble.

The rumors gained traction when observers noted that Nana Owiti, known for her love of soccer, was spending time in London, while King Kaka was busy promoting his upcoming YouTube series, ‘Monkey Business.’


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This geographical distance between the couple, who have been married for over a decade, led to speculation about potential issues in their marriage.

Adding to the speculation, King Kaka’s Mother’s Day tribute focused solely on his own mother, without mentioning Nana Owiti, prompting further speculation.

Some speculated that the timing of these events could be a strategic move to generate buzz for King Kaka’s new series.

However, King Kaka vehemently denied these allegations, expressing frustration at the impact the rumors were having on his family.


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He clarified that Nana Owiti is in the country, and their children are attending school as usual, refuting claims of them being abroad or facing other issues.

King Kaka urged content creators to be more responsible and mindful of the effects of spreading false narratives, emphasizing the distress such rumors could cause to his family.

He stressed the importance of respect towards himself, Nana, and their children, urging people to refrain from spreading baseless rumors that could harm their family life.

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