King Kaka Shows That Artists Need To Bank On Themselves

Image: Kenyan rapper, King Kaka

King Kaka has had a horrendous 2021 and it was all due to the fact that he was failed by his health. It was a real ringer as he was even hospitalised and the resultant failure of his health made him have to face his own mortality -a scary thing indeed.

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The rapper though is actually living proof (big sigh of relief there) to the fact that you must first as a man work on your legacy -we all leave at some point… No one leaves their existence alive… And the fact that a man needs a good, old testament woman by his side. As well as the more important fact that Kenya’s artists need to actually bank on themselves -by coming up with a health and retirement plan.

King Kaka

Those are the two things Kenyan artists and indeed, celebs are actually lacking in. Whenever a Kenyan artist falls ill, it is almost the end of their world -even financial wellbeing.

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King Kaka found out the hard way that not only are Kenya’s hospitals filled with quacks who will misdiagnose you but that in Kenya, healthcare is unbelievably expensive.

King Kaka

But worry not, King Kaka is actually very entrepreneurial. He is very business-minded so I am sure he can reach out to some insurance company and coax them into insuring artists.  But if they aren’t convinced artists can pay then I am sure he can shmooze some MCSK or other government body into underwriting them.

King Kaka Praises Wife Nana Owiti For Seeing Him Through His Illness And Recovery Process

I mean, it’s just a thought but it is definitely worth a try because I do not know about you but given the fact that Rabbit has been on death’s door and had to claw his way back to the land of the living, I would think he would be very motivated to get this done.

King Kaka
The King Kaka family photo

He probably isn’t too bothered however because he is covered by his wife, Nana Owiti’s spousal cover from her employers but I just hope he thinks beyond his own perils. I hope he sees there is an opportunity here that he can take advantage of -and still help his peers.

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