King Kalala is absolutely right about fat women, fat men, fat Kenyans

King Kalala is having her proverbials nuts roasted over the fire of social media outrage after she said something that is actually common sense. You see, the math for how to maintain a healthy BMI is pretty well known. It is so simple that even children in grade 1 are capable of calculating it: caloric intake (minus) calories burned (equals) whether or not you’re healthy or obese.

“Fat people are careless as f*ck,” says NRG Radio presenter King Kalala

Alot of people are uncomfortable with this reality because it calls individuals to account for their behaviours and decision-making capacity. And while King Kala was insensitive about the fact that she was calling out people who for some reason have formed an entire identity around their girth (pun intended), it goes without saying that she is right what with all the scientific data to support the fact that these people are in dangerous water as regards their health.

King Kalala
King Kalala

You see, one would assume that with everything going on with regards to the global situation and the Kung Flu, one would think that overweight and rotund people would actually take an active interest in their weight and its maintenance if only to avoid the worst of what the Coof has to offer.

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King Kalala is known to be a shock jock and provocateur so perhaps most people do not want to hear what she has to say with regard to serious matters but at the end of the day the best attitude to adopt here is one that appreciates that even a broken clock is right twice a day.

King Kalala
NRG presenter, King Kalala

Instead, people have been digging deep into their emotional bags and pulling up some of the most insane mental gymnastics to avoid the truth of what she has to say. You see, her assertion is that fat people are lazy. She was not speaking in regards to mental pursuits but rather physical effort that one needs to exert to ensure they are healthy. And if we divorce our emotions from all of this nonsense, we cannot dispute the fact that she is correct.

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And in truth, she might have put her message in a better way but where is the lie? I would challenge you to point it out to me because even if you claim thyroid issues or hormonal imbalance, the occurrences of such situations are so rare within our population that they are negligible at best. Infact, in America, it affects 5% of the total population. And before running your lips about the subject matter rather than your body, I would invite you to click the link provided.

And when it comes to people who identify as fat, people like Naomi Ng’ang’a and her ilk, we have to get serious at some point and stop glorifying a life with no accountability. Sure, you shouldn’t have your joy savagely ripped from your hands like so many glazed doughnuts. You shouldn’t have to endure constant mocking but you also have to be mature enough to understand that while everyone has a right to make lifestyle decisions, they are not above the ramifications and when you’re fat, said ramifications include people like King Kalala obtusely calling you lazy.

King Kalala
King Kalala

Kewnyans, let us do better. We do not have the type of medical and health care system that can take care of lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and the worst that Covid19 has to offer. And while I am capable of making a more in-depth argument, this is a rag piece and I doubt you would put in the effort to read something more taxing in support of King Kalala so I shall let my keyboard rest at this point.

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