King Kalala Is Right About Why Most Africans Don’t Resonate With LGBTQ Activists

The conversation on legalization of gayism remains perennial with more & more people coming out to admit that they’re actually members of the LGBTQ community.

In most communities, homosexuality is not embraced and is seen as a taboo. It wasn’t until 1886 when the scientific study of sexuality began. Until that time, people’s ideas about what was “normal” was based upon their own ideas within their own social circle, or reference group. Since then, a number of people have made some very significant contributions to the study of sexuality. As we have reached a greater understanding of sexuality, our views on sexuality have become more liberal to reflect this greater understanding of the range of variety in human sexuality, and a broader understanding of “normal”. These early pioneer researchers were often faced with great skepticism by their peers at the time, but their efforts have significantly contributed to a better understanding of healthy sexuality today.

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King Kalala On LGBTQ

Not many are advocating for homosexuality anyway. King Kalala being one of them.

The NRG radio host Kalala claims it’s peculiar for a 5 year old to share a room with a man who believes she’s a woman. She further called out LGBTQ activists for not getting their facts right. Her case study was Edwin Chiloba’s death; where she claimed that the activists ranted that they were being stigmatized & killed yet that wasn’t the case on his death.

While most LGBTQ members think they might be stigmatized, Kalala’s sentiments make sense to me. Watch her full video here

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